Sunday, March 28, 2021

Beers & Books LXII – Mario Vargas Llosa

"There are many things behind a good novel,
but in particular, there is a lot of work -
a lot of patience, a lot of stubbornness,
and a critical spirit."

Mario Vargas Llosa * 28. March 1936



  1. Appreciate the quote. Also, having put out a similar blog along the lines of 'Beer& Books' (minus the wood) I realise the arranging takes a lot of time and ingenuity - it doesn't just happen! Good call.

    1. If not ingenuity, the arranging does, indeed, take a few moments. ;-)
      In order not to be forced each time to open and drink a new bottle I sometimes arrange ten or even twenty authors/titles before supping the first drops of the barley juice.

  2. Brilliant quote. I am endlessly grateful to those who put in the hard yards to get their work to us. So many books, so little time.

    1. As there is so little time, it's helpful to develop a sense for good literature.
      Among the approximately 3,500 books I bought and read in my life, fortunately there were only but four not worth their money and my time.