Saturday, April 20, 2024


Once upon a time, entering a pub one could meet people talking to eachother. Nowadays:

Lonesome elderly smombie

Four smombies,
three of them sitting "together",
whilst – hear hear! – a waitress listens to a customer.

Two more addicts.

How did people survive with but one ringtone?

Oh, and this goes, "of course", also for women ...



  1. The traditional English pub has almost vanished, maybe because it's a fiver a pint. Most pubs around where I grew up have long gone. The only ones that prosper are in the town centre or near the university, even village pubs are struggling.

    1. The first four photos I took exactly five years ago in an Irish Pub in Spain. Since, smombyism has even increased.
      As far as pub death is concerned, it is similar here. Well, who needs a pub if everyone is just staring at their smartphone? And yes, prices are certainly also a factor.

  2. Això només passa als "pubs" irlandesos. ;-)
    Bromes a part, crec que qui ho passa més malament són els que van créixer sense mòbil a les mans, aquests homes i dones solitaris que els hi agradaria trobar algú per parlar... encara que fos del temps... Fa molts d'anys que ningú parla, malauradament.
    Un bon reportatge denúncia, encara que suposadament estigui fet amb un mòbil. ;-)

    Aferradetes, Sean.

    1. To start with the end:
      The photos were taken with a camera, not a mobile phone.
      And no, not having a mobile phone is not the reason for loneliness. That would be too simplistic.
      Mobile phones don't caress a hand, they don't smile in anyone's face.
      I certainly don't want to spend my last hour with a mobile phone.
      Aferradetes, Paula.

  3. On the rare occasion I go out to a restaurant, it's with someone so we can talk and have a meal together.