Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's as simple as that

Another nice little gem has been flowing into the feather of the champion first ever winning the Flann O'Brien Price.
It's somehow a pars pro toto for the daily secrets being published.

Ah, and - perhaps - it is about the time you are to be introduced to one of my closest friend's "ceterum censeos":

Banquo knew before

And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

In German it sounds even more impressive (and not only because "Death is a master from Germany")

Oft, uns in Elend zu verlocken
Erzählen Wahrheit uns des Dunkels Schergen,
Gewinnen uns durch ehrlich Spiel im Kleinen,
Um uns in größten Dingen zu verraten.

Shakespeare, McBeth 1.,3


  1. Interesting blog Sean.
    In my opinion Mustafa deserves the price..)
    Besides his excellent writing, he is an impressive, honest and enjoyable person to meet.
    Kindest from a Dutch in Istanbul.

  2. Thanks, namesake! :)
    You will be able to imagine that receiving the first comment from Turkey let my heart rise like a falcon up to the sky.
    Immediately I told my closest friend.
    - Tetrapilotomos, guess what happened?
    - A comment from Turkey.
    - Indeed! But how could you know?
    - Anticipation.
    - Wooaaah! In a minute you’ll tell me, who it was.
    - First I shall tell who it was not.
    - ?
    - Neither General Büyü-kanit, nor General Büyük-anit, nor your Huysman-Wilde-Prize Winner nor my Flann O’Brian Prize Winner, but …
    - It is my Flann O’Brian Prize Winner and your …
    - Do you wish us nitpicking, or do you wish me to go on?
    - Ehem, …
    - All right then, it was a Dutch.
    - Böyle şeye inanılmaz!
    - In a way it is, indeed. You would find a Dutch just everywhere.

    Then he started to rattle through names like Cruijff, Gullit, van Gogh, van Hanegem, East India Company, Seedorf, Winter, Desiderius Erasmus, Rijkaard, van Nistelrooj, …
    While leaving the room I heard him murmur: “And according to the result of my latest research HARRY Mulisch und Paul POTTER are direct ascendants of …

    … The rest (fortunately) I did not hear.

    This in befitting briefness to let you know: Nice to meet you, mate. :)
    And as for the Prize: You as a friend of Mr. Akyol, of course, can't, but this blog's jury is strictly obliged to scientific objectivity.