Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing else to do

In case you would still doubt the correctness of Schopenhauer's conclusion wherupon genitals are the sounding-board of brain, you will find another evidence here.


  1. When I worked in a Vietnameserefugee camp in the Philippines, almost all the women seemed pregnant. Bordom plus lots of free time equals babies.

  2. Yes, Colin, this seems to be a vicious circle.
    Once asking Mozambiquean what they liked best in Europe, the answer was: You have less children. We have so many, and hardly can feed them all.
    Even more impressed I was, though, on their reply to the question what they found most negative:
    Your homes for old people. We would never send our parents and grandparents away, but care for them. After all, when you were a child they did not send you away, did they?
    And now for something completely different, Colin: What's about the statue for "the poet of poets"? :)