Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No need to dig up Gogol

Just to make sure that Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol will not posthumously being accused of insulting Turkishness, and - in order to serve his sentence - digged up:
When writing his "Diary of a Madman", Gogol did neither think of any future Ex-leader of the CHP who's tongue would be as swift as six arrows as long as its not about responsible politics, nor of any future Ex-Prime Minister who would call people complaining about having no water for eleven days, exaggerating; nor any future Ex-Mayor of Ankara who would rather ask those still believing in a God to pray for rain instead of retiring and henceforth humbly living in his water-tanker; nor any prosecutor keen to always - or at least ONCE - find his way in the limelight; nor . . .
[ ah, what a pity the English language does not know the word Profilneurotiker!]

Having written this, you may leave this site to learn a little more about the Turkish art of self-irony in general and in particular, here.


  1. is there also something like Europeaness..)))

  2. Another coincidence, Hans? :)

    A few days ago my closest friend asked:
    - Reading your posts focusing on Turkey I wonder what arguments you will present in favour of Turkey joining the EU.

    My reply:
    Patience, my dear Tetrapilotomos, is a tree the roots of which taste bitter; the sweeter, however, taste its fruits.