Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Turkish lesson as warm-up

Piece two.

Well, and herewith we enter the world of very very bad journalism.

Before leading you to the essential inheritent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of quoting Prime Ministers out of the context, let’s have a tiny Turkish lesson.

Today’s curriculum: Help yourself, create your (n)omen.

Gökçek contains of

a) gök = sky/heaven ; skyblue; cyan; unripe;

b) çek = cheque

And here some additional translation aids:

gökgözlü = blue-eyed which in turn in German is also metaphorically for “in good faith”.

gökkandil = dead drunk

Knowing I’d interrupt her digging for water, I asked a friend in Ankara – by the way, without ANY explaining context - if Melih means the same as does melik (king).

Dictionary says: nice, pretty, cute.
His parents couldn’t guess how tricky & dishonest he would be.


  1. interesting dialogue, Sean..))
    Are you located in Australia?
    want to add you to my blog...

  2. Thanks, Hans.
    :) I'd prefer Ireland.
    But my four letters are just sitting on a balcony in a tiny village in Lower Saxony. Rude people would probably say: Am Arsch der Welt.

  3. Sean from Ireland living in England..))