Friday, August 31, 2007

Ready for the cold Season

January, February, March, April . . .

"No. No. No!" I said.

Tetrapilotomos' reaction: brows forming a questionmark.

"It has neither to do anything with politics, nor with language and literature."

"It's part of Omnium", said Tetrapilotomos. "Isn't it politics that your 83-years-old mother-in-law is demonstrating to her neighbours - and thus to the world - that she is ready for another season?
And isn't it lovely to make a joke about her "unspeakables", and she would wholehearted laugh about her wicked son-in-law?"

Sometimes, I repeat: sometimes I do like my friend.


  1. Dear Sean,
    Today in Istanbul 35 degrees..(((

  2. And I am sitting here, wearing an Aran and pleading for heat exchange. Keep cool, Hans. :)

  3. Only 27 degrees today and sunny, but it was cold last night. This photograph reminds me of my childhood, where my mother would optimistically hang out clothes and hopefully within a week, they would be pretty dry. Here in Adelaide, we have no dryer and last winter I went to the laundry twice to dry clothes. Aren't we lucky and environmentally friendly.

  4. Wooaaah! Colin, sorry. Obviously I took my intention to immediately replying for the deed.
    So, on the last hours of September: Yes, this is one of the advantages living in a village. Although just a man, I can assure that clothes, being dried and freshened by the wind make a difference.
    And a little update to the post: My mother-in-law satisfactorily showed that she is in possession of more "sexy underwear" than the eight [January, February, ... August] unspeakables which had been hanging on the line. :-))))))