Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Pleasure of Leisure

All intellectual improvement arises from leisure.

[Dr. Johnson]


  1. I'm highly willing to sleep together with these wonderful creatures, share their perfect tranquility...

  2. What a pleasure for my eyes, Miss Copernicus.

    Your words so nicely chosen let me decide not to write the intended update to this post, as . . .

    . . . thus spake Copernicus: "Knowing to know what we know and not knowing what we don't know is true knowledge."

  3. you sounds like F. Nietzsche..))

  4. Iyi ki kedi degilim. Ayni kanepede uyudugum dostumun battaniyesini paylasamazsam ruyalarini nasil paylasabilirdim ki. Kediler icin uzgunum. Iyi ki kedim yok. :)

  5. Hans,
    it's so kind that you would not ask when I rushed downstairs to embrace a white cocotte. :)

    Anonymous Lady
    [it is unlikely that a man would take (much) notice of the cats not sharing one blanket, let alone this fact would not inspire associations of such kind],

    great seems your power of observation.

    As for your thought: May your birds of imagination and dreaming never get caught . . .