Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Turkishness unrivalled

By "googling" Argentinianness, Chineseness, Germanness, Hungarianness etc., coming to Turkishness it becomes obvious:

Turkishness is unique!

Evidence: People trying to learn more about history, geography, literature, architecture, poetry, cuisine, music etc., on the first two pages would find nothing but

denigration of Turkishness (2)

insulting Turkishness (15)

belittling Turkishness

degrade Turkishness

Telling this my closest friend whose current topic of research - Pre-Assyrian Philately - is keeping him very busy, did not even look up when saying: "Inferiority complex."

"Tetrapilotomos", I whispered, "mind your tongue! Some people might feel insulted."

"That's it. Exactly those who feel insulted are meant. I can just repeat again and again that according to a Chinese saying those who feel insulted by others confess to their mental, their intellectual inferiority."

And off he went.


  1. interesting conclusion Sean..)))

  2. That's what Miss Nessie told me, when this morning she paid me a visit via the wormhole in our garden.

    True is also that when checking all the "ness(i)es" and finally learning what's obviously the main component of Turkishness, I got at the same time surprised and ... not surprised.

    The same goes for my smile.