Friday, September 07, 2007

Some more tears for Tabori

Originally, tonight I intended to drop a few words about why I would not be able to drop a few posts for a couple of days.

And now I am sitting here, thinking of a few people who enriched my life for quite a few decades and who recently took their last dwelling six feet under.

Ulrich Mühe (July 22nd)
George Tabori (July 23rd)
Ingmar Bergman (July 30th)
Michelangelo Antonioni (July 31st)

Today Luciano Pavarotti.
And tomorrow?

Coincidences. Coincidences?

No necrologies to follow, don’t worry. There has been shown, told, written enough about these artists.

But I shall not stop myself to tell that non of his plays impressed me more than this “joke” by the man who in a way was the obstetrician to a serious reflection of the holocaust and other atrocities “made in Germany”: George Tabori:

[To understand you need to know: Witz means joke]

”Wie lautet der kürzeste deutsche Witz? - Auschwitz.”
”What is the shortest German Witz? - Auschwitz.”

It was - I think – for this sentence that I dropped more than one tear – when I heard this wonderful wise human
being ("There are tabus that need to be destroyed")
had done his last breath.


  1. many thanks for your comments.

    i've had a look at the work of giulio stocchi and (as much as i could read) found it passionate and mischievous. alas for my lack of langauges, or rather that all these languages make communication such an ordeal. but with us all babbling away hopeful someone in some language can sometimes say something that really says something. a small hope perhaps.

    as for what you say here. the death of bergman felt so very real to me, at first i wanted to respond in some way on my blog but i couldn't. although he was such a great age (as was tabori) and he had stopped producing films years before, it was still painful and shocking. losing one of your 'mentors', your influences is losing something of yourself. or rather a sudden change, which is like a loss.

    i am glad you first visit wasn't your last. i'll keep an eye (or two, when i can manage) on your blog too.

    best wishes my friend,


  2. Welcome, PPP! :)
    [refering to your "profile"].

    Reflecting on your life, today you might have thought that 29 years are "Like a fart in Wind".

    On the other hand: What is time?

    [Refering to dot 19]

    Perhaps, what me make of it?

    Anyway, I do know somebody who would not think "time is our best invention".
    She is 83, and she would say the best invention was the washing-machine. :-)

    In this sense: Carpe diem ... et noctem x 366. Happy Birthday!