Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All these mysterious Nessies

Scientific way to better present 'Turkishness'.

An interesting headline, isn't it?!

Why do people tend to do the second step before the first?

Why trying to find a "scientific" (sic) way to better present (sic) 'Turkishness'?

What is Turkishness?

Or Argentinianness, Chineseness, Germanness, Hungarianness ... Finnish...ness?

Questions I asked my closest friend Tetrapilotomos, who is one of the politest human primates under the sun and therefore should rarely answer a question by a counterquestion.

The more I got surprised hearing him murmur:

"Turkish Ness ... Turkish Ness ... Has it something to do with Lough Ness?"


  1. perhaps we should all work towards a phenomenological way to better present human-ness.

    and why is science the bastarding be all and end all for all discussions, "oh it's scientific is it? well i suppose we were wrong then! shucks."

    being from scotland i can without a shadow of doubt state that there is a nessie, oh want to come see? well that'll be £2m please and i suppose you'll need somewhere to stay and funny hats to buy and many other ways to spend your money. seen it? oh, not me. only tourists can see nessie.

    rant over.

  2. Mr. Morrell, Sir,

    Just can’t find the documented dialogue Miss Nessie and I had the pleasure to enjoy some years ago, but I shall deliver it in addition.
    Meanwhile let me focus on this slightly irritating tiny little word I detected.
    It contains the first vocal twice plus five consonants, namely (in alphabetic order): b, d, r, s, and t, and you would not have found it on this blog before, as my closest friend Tetrapilotomos and I would not swear, but rather send people trying our contenance to Devil’s kitchen, where they can choose themselves what swear-word suits them best. (And there is a w i d e choice!)

    Having said this, before sinking into the feathers, may I ask how close you are related to the Morel whose invention has been described by Adolfo Bioy Casares.
    His second “r” happened to drop overboard somewhere between Scotland and Argentina?

  3. Whahaha! Why do I feel so related to Tetrapilotomos at this moment...?