Monday, September 10, 2007

Mens insana . . .

World is small.
Coincidences are great.

1. I do highly recommend to read this. The background arcticles are worth reading, too.

2. James Higham who happened to find a link to this very article on another blogger's site (sorry for not memorising it), left a comment roughly saying he'd need to learn more about the issue and - voilà, today delivered interesting thoughts.

3. I am a little tired (not only) these days talking about religion, fanatism, stupidity etc.

But I shall not withhold following short "dialogue":

Spake Tetrapilotomos: "I think to understand it is enough to read the 23rd paragraph."


"Just read and get close to the essential inheritent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of everything."

Mr ul Haq was 3 when he came to Britain and 13 when he became a student at the first and most influential of Britain’s Deobandi seminaries, which opened in 1975 in a converted sanatorium in the rural hills above Bury, Greater Manchester.


Spake Tetrapilotomos: "A sanatorium is a sanatorium is a sanatorium . . ."

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