Thursday, September 13, 2007

Slightly strange syllogisms

One week after his "letter to the Turkish military", today Mustafa Akyol got another remarkable article published in Turkish Daily News (TDN). Headline: The opium of the atheists.

"Did you also read it?" I asked my closest friend. "Ah, sorry, what are you busy with?"

"Yes. Syllogisms, dialectic, nothing special."

"And did you read ..."

"Unconcentrated or impolite, Sean? One word for your first question, even four for your second."

"Sorry, missed that. What do you think about the article?"

"Thought-out. Question-provoking. Listen: The king has two legs. Hens have two legs. Ergo the king is a hen. What's your opinion?"


"Lovely, my sophisticated friend. Your opinion is, of course, not wrong."

"But you think Mr. Akyol's opinion is wrong? By the way, I am relieved you chose king as your subject, and not ..."

"Mr. Akyol's opinion is not wrong. He is absolutely right. I do just wonder, if he means what he did not say."


"Theists are believers.
Atheists are believers.
Ergo there is a god."

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