Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Mum

Dear Mum, I know you are always there
To help and guide me with all your care,
You nursed and fed me and made me strong
To face the world and all its wrong.

What can I write to you this day
For a line or two would never pay
For care and time you gave to me
Through long hard years unceasingly.

How you found strength I do not know
How you managed I'll never know,
Struggling and striving without a break
Always there and never late.

You prayed for me and loved me more
How could I ask for anymore,
And reared me up to be like you
But I haven't a heart as kind as you.

A guide to me in times of plight,
A princess like a star so bright,
For life would never have been the same
If I hadn't learnt of what small things came.

So forgive me, Mum, just a little more,
For not loving you so much before,
For life and love you gave to me
I give my thanks for eternity.

Bobby Sands (March 9th, 1954 - May 5th, 1981)


  1. This is delightful - a wonderful tribute to a mother.

  2. I used to have a Bobby Sands memorial lapel badge, which I bought at the Republican shop in Parnell street, Dublin aged 18.

    A funny kind of Republican hero, but a hero nevertheless.

    Uncomfortable as people find it, he proved that sometimes, you CAN acheive more by dieing, than by living.

  3. Janice,
    he had almost nine years in prison to think about what his mother (may have) tried to teach him.
    Nevertheless, it's impressive, yes.

    first thought: there are too many people being called a 'hero'.

    Are you sure he achieved anything but dying young? I'd say that rather some other gentlemen - on the long term - cashed in from his 66-day-lasting suicide.

  4. You're quite taken with Bobby Sands, Sean.

  5. I totally agree with Janice, this is a wonderful tribute to his mother.

    I can only imagine how much his mother's heart did ache; to give birth to a child and then to see him defeated and trampled on by the political system.

  6. Leaving his affiliations aside, it is a moving poem Sean

  7. James,
    not taken with Sands, but (once) taking (great) interest, by also comparing how different governments would deal with such a situation.

    ..., and after all, I had something to post on 'Mother's Day'. :)