Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just a thought

When pain's the hell
the absence of pain
is heaven.

Wishing a heavenly weekend.


  1. One can't argue that point - though mankind seems to relish pain more than making the necessary adjustments in his life that would guarantee less of it.

  2. Interesting thought, Janice.
    I came an other way: Not until we are suffering / have suffered from pain most of us would not appreciate health / the absence of pain.

    And on another thought: The most important 'protagonist' any (potential) inventor of a religion / cult needs / needed has to be evil.

    In other words: The 'existence' / invention / creation of a god depends on there has to 'exist' / be invented / created a devil first.

    Secondary object: So what about (d)evil created (wo)men and inspired them the belief they were a god's spitting image?

    Would be logic, wouldn't it?

    Oops, what if the way to hell is paved with heretical thoughts / questions? I am hellish worried now. :)

    grazie. It was almost heavenly.