Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lovely Lecture on Life

No introduction. No comment.

After 76 minutes and 26 seconds you will (hopefully) understand.

The Peace of the Night.


  1. Wow Sean. THanks for sharing. I hope I will have a similar outlook when my time comes... whenever that is

  2. I have seen that video before, I think it was Metin that directed me there.

    The speech is incredibly inspirational, looking at situations always from a positive point of view.

  3. I knew he'd written a book but hadn't known about the video. Just sat here watching it and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I've added it to my Vodpod, lol.

  4. Janice,
    an impressive picture painted with words, isn't it?

    indeed, I wish, too, I'll be able to die well.
    Hopefully, not too soon, though. There are so many things both we'd like to do and to live. Would you agree?

    I only 'stumbled upon it', as there was a short feature in the news, the same evening. After having watched what more than a million* people had done before, and like you being impressed, I thought I'd offer to share it.

    indeed, my friend, it is.

  5. Ah, Ginro, welcome! :)
    Glad you enjoyed the video. Mr. Pausch's approach to life, dying and death is certainly admirable.

  6. People like this just make one feel very humble, as well as make us hope that we will be half as courageous when our time comes. I checked out his website too.

  7. jmb,
    thank you so much. The impact is exactly as described by you.