Sunday, May 18, 2008

Death still a master from Germany

Before starting blogging last June, and thinking of the last post to end this 'adventure' the previous entry was in my mind.

And yes! It should have been my last post.

Look at the title above. What's the news? The 'still'. The 'still' - ha ha ha ...

Oh well, while I am trying to find an article from 1988, where one could read which German firms had sold some essentials Saddam Hussein needed to launch the Halabja poison gas attack you may read this and form an opinion, yourself.

Did you appreciate the terms 'Defense Exporter' and 'military goods'?

Ah, language. Talleyrand is (often) said to have coined the phrase 'Speech / Language was given man to hide / disguise his thoughts'.

Indeed? Let's have a look if there's anybody else who said / wrote this before Monsieur Talleyrand 'coined' this phrase.
Ah, Molière. And Voltaire. So, ...
Oh, Dante, too.
So, Dante was the first.
Uh, what's that? Dionysius ... Cato ... Plutarch ...

This reminds me of that Patrick Kavanagh once being praised as a 'lousy poet' is said to have countered: 'Aren't we all since Homer?'

Which again is a solace for any lousy blogger putting too many thoughts (and too many links) into one posting and thus (deliberately) trying to provoke his readers to make use of their grey matter.

Back to the beginning.

It was Paul Celan who, in his Death Fugue, coined the phrase 'death is a master from Germany'.

And since, German politicans are trying to make the world believe Germans are trustworthy peace brokers.

Still ... [trying to keep contenance] ...

the peace of the night.


  1. Sean, there is a Dutch guy sentenced a life long prison term for delivering 'illegal' nerve gaz to Iraq in 1985....
    The other firms did it sad...((

  2. thanks for the paul celan, i forget how intense he is.

    i had planned to write a long reply, but now that i try i find that i can't. warfare, the banal bureaucracy of death, always sickens.

    glad you're still here tho'.


  3. Don't even think of a "last post". If I go into an enforced hiatus and come back and you're not here, I'll come as a ghost to haunt you. :)

  4. Germans may use positive connotations in the press to sell they are a peace loving country, better than the Americans who categorically deny and accuse other nations by providing false evidence.


  5. You're not going to stop blogging, are you, Sean? I echo James!

  6. Not sure if it was September 2007 or before Omnium started... May this be fair to open a window, let many eyes watch, feel, hear and see many scenes through that window and then close the window neglecting all the eyes???
    Sean might be so selfish to close this window however I wonder why his friend Tetrapilotomie allowed him to do so.
    Dear T, will you please do us a favor and open this lovely window again and even wider?
    Many eyes get used to watch friendship, taste freedom, feel the winds, and even dance in the rainbow.. Sean you don't have any right to lay down and prefer being a lazy author, c'mon wake up please..

    on behalf of many eyes :)

  7. Sean,
    When I first read this posting, I conveniently assumed that this would be your last post in regards to Critical thinking and Newspaper Analysis NOT your last post, per se.

    Please advise me of your true intention Sean. I await in anticipation, poised to commit Hari-kari.

  8. Sean, hope you are okay....

  9. I hope you will be back blogging again soon Sean

  10. Here is the ghost to haunt you, Sean. :)

  11. Individual replies you will find after this:

    Dear friends,
    worrying what might be the long-term consequences of such a hiatus, I thought it's better to decide in favour of a hiatus interruptus. :)
    Actually, I did not intend to have a break. It just happened, or rather I let it happen. Even more strange: I did not miss blogging (very much).
    Why? Don't know. Summing up all possible reasons would probably take too long, and boring you is one of the last things I wish to do.
    So let me just thank you for your kindness and patience.
    And now, may this beginning, too, bear a special magic.

    I remember some months ago you had a post about this Dutch 'dealer'.
    Yes, double standards wherever you look.

    indeed, the banality sickens. And sometimes it causes a hiatus. :)
    Thanks for all, my friend.

    May 20th I'd have replied that the promise of being haunted by such a ghost was a temptation.
    Today I say: Thanks to the ghost. :)

    I am aware of that in case 'Germany' stopped export of weapons, others would be happy to make profit.
    Still, it's murderous hypocrisy purporting to be a peace broker while making immense profit by selling weapons.

    after all, I listened to 'the echo'. Grazie.

    hm :)
    a) by reading the first sentence you could have known when Omnium started. b) you are exaggerating. However, thanks for your kind words.

    your last sentence gave me a big smile. Thank you.

    thanks for your kindness. Yes, I do feel much better now.

    here I am. :)

    Lady Janice,
    the answer you will find within your forget-me-nots. :)
    Hope you will soon recover.

    thanks again, my most welcome ghost. :)