Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hiatus interruptus

Ladies and gentlemen,
Bayanlar, Baylar,

Signoras e Signori,

Señoras y Señores,

Mesdames et Messieurs*,

worrying what might be the long-term consequences of such a hiatus, I thought it's better to decide in favour of a hiatus interruptus.

May either those forgive me who would have loved this hiatus to never end, and consequently feel deeply dissatified, and those who felt ... well, let's say irritated. :)

I was irritated, myself, as I did not intend to have a break. It just happened, or rather I let it happen. Even more strange: I did not miss blogging (very much).
Why? Don't know. Summing up all possible reasons would probably take too long, and boring you is one of the last things I wish to do.

So let me just thank those of you who left kind comments and / or encouraged me via email.

And now, may this beginning, too, bear a special magic. :)

* to please la curieuse (see comments) who would obviously prefer this to Madames et Monsieurs :)


  1. Actually I was just about to email you myself. I did not quite believe that you were gone as your enigmatic last posts might have indicated. I kept waiting and then you beat me to it by this post.
    I miss your quirky posts which usually make me slightly puzzled at the least.

    Take care Sean

  2. I understand Sean that you did not miss blogging. But we have missed you, your thoughts and your humour.

  3. You were interrupted?.)
    Good to see you back..!!

  4. jmb,
    there are obviously lots of wisdom to be found under what you are calling your rock.
    Taking your missing me as a compliment I promise I shall try my best to further on 'slightly puzle you (at least) ... in the hope my best will be good enough.
    And yes, I shall take care of myself. :) Thanks a lot, dear jmb.

    thank you. Raising my mug of tea on you, the not-wife, the cats, Flann O'Brian and Persian poetry. :)

    anticipating that Mrs. J. would giggle, 'You, Sean? Ha ha ha. Good joke', I won't say I do feel slightly embarrassed.
    Rather I shall say, err ... write that your kind words make me feel very very good.
    Thanks a lot, indeed, Mistress of magic orchids. :)

    I was not interrupted, I did interrupt (the hiatus). :)
    Anyway, thank you. May the Netherlands win the 'little final' against Germany.
    I'd be not surprised to see Croatia and Italy in the final.

    your smile let me smile. And I'd really like to know a) if your smile is a sign of appreciation for my 'frivolous word play', and b) who you are.
    Well, you will let me know in case you think I deserve it. :)
    However you decide, look above: your smile let me smile.

    and I am glad you are glad. :) Auguri a te, James e Simi.

  5. We're all watching what you do, Sean. :)

  6. Dear Sean,
    My smile's letting you smile let me laugh out!
    You deserve so much and as you asked;
    a) I do appreciate all types of your word plays.
    b) do you really think names make any difference to smile or to laugh out? No doubt you could guess.

    Dear Tetrapilotomos
    You are great!
    Don't let that busy farmer block this blogger..
    Many eyes waiting for him..

    to keep your smile

    welllllcome back Sean!

  7. Sorry, once I don't do things immediately ... :)
    But now:

    looks like I deliberately waited for this very ghost haunting me, doesn't it? :)

    not sure if I'd be happy were I to get all I deserve. :)
    Anyway, thanks again for your kind words.

  8. Hm, 'Looks like'or rather 'Looks as if'?

  9. First time here. Why not: Mesdames et Messieurs? Il y a une raison, n'est-ce pas?

  10. Madame,
    you are very welcome.
    The answer to your question is extremely easy. I implemented this tiny curiosité in order to attract your attention.
    No! :)
    Actually, it was not even the fault of my friend Tetrapilotomos. To put it bluntly: You detected someone's blog whose French is even worse than his English.

    There is still hope, though. However, would any teacher have the patience needed to improve a dillettant's skills?

    Thanks a lot anyway, Madame. May your Sunday be magic.

    P.S. Nous travaillons à corriger ce défaut. :)

  11. Hm, those vulgaire amateurs not able to spell 'dilettante' correctly (look above) should rather write dabbler.

  12. Sean Jeating - My friend Simplissima would tell you that you need no French teacher, Sir, but a good dictionary, and the desire to use it.

    Your first "dilletant" was very painful to someone who learned English reading Dickens.I expect no more, but no less from you. Ma curiosité est pour l'extension de mes connaissances.

    However I might visit again if you make me smile. Humour is rather rare in the blogging world.

    A sunny day to you, Sir.;-)

  13. Cher Madame Curie, err, Curieuse,

    a minute ago I told Tetrapilotomos of Lady Simplissima's advice according the use of dictionaries.
    Without looking up from his papers - he's just busy with preassyrian philately - he murmured: That's what I am telling you for ages, Sean. Desire, desire, desire.
    'Not more?' I asked.
    Spake he: Well, and curiositè.

    However, before running the risk of digressing, Madame Curieuse, I shall immediately and without any hesitation approach as near as possible to the essential inheritent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of everything: I do feel a never felt desire. What kind of desire?
    Well, the desire to let this blog become - ... hm, hm, scrolling through the dictionary ... hm ... ah! - become a if not the rampe de lancement, a Cape Canaveral for the corners of your mouth, from where they start joyeous expeditions to the ear-lobes.
    And now - with thanks to the Monty Pythons - for something completely different: You'veread Dickens. Chapeau. And what's about Flann O'Brian? And ...
    Just in time realizing Voltaire raising his brows: Le secret d'ennuyer est celui de tout dire. :)
    Kind regards to you and Lady Simplissima. By the way, it seems not unlikely she could get along with Tetrapilotomos.
    Oh well, I might be wrong. T. is sometimes (?) a bit ... a bit ... well, let's say strange. :)

  14. PS: Sorry I seem to be a bit taciturn these days.

  15. It's Voltaire and the French Academy who would prefer "Mesdames, Messieurs". Je n'ai rien inventé. Alas! I'm just a very humble follower of long ago rules...
    But if you wish to avoid the boredom, please do so. I actually thought that the wrongness of the spelling was a pun I couldn't grasp.

    I also read Pepys' Diaries. The English are very strange men. And also taciturn... Need I say more?

    Avec un sourire et un clin d'oeil...

  16. Madame Curieuse,
    what a pleasure for my eyes to imagine your lips smiling and your eyes sparkling. :)

    As for Voltaire etc. etc., tomorrow hopefully more.
    The peace of the night.

  17. This was such a delightful encounter! :)