Sunday, June 15, 2008

Caught bed-handed

Now, could any biped get angry when a tomcat called Schrödinger would snap at the chance to at least once nestle down in a freshly made bed?
Wishing everybody a splendid Sunday. And why not in bed? :)


  1. Well he is a tiny cutie, so how could a biped get angry? Well one who was a dog lover could of course!

  2. He looks like a Schrodinger :) A very fetching kitty Sir Sean

  3. Sorry for being late.

    the tiny cutie's actually a big tomcat, and a great athlet (no exaggerating): extremely fast and strong and an amazing high jumper.

    Lady Janice,
    and Schrödinger's obviously a great physicist. Anticipating that the time-window (i.e. door) would soon be shut he took the rarely offered chance to discover an unknown universe whereby he obviously found out that it's much more pleasure to relax in a bed than in a box. :)