Friday, June 27, 2008

Gülen top of the brainless

Ha ha ha - continue til paragraph 114.

Deleted 113. Thus paragraph Paragraph 115 de facto is paragraph 2, or vice versa.

Just checked the headlines posted by Erkan 30 minutes ago. Lots to read, indeed!
Gülen tops intellectuals list. Can't stop laughing.

You see, an intellectual per definitionem is an intelligent person without brains.


  1. Gulen over Umberto Eco and Chomsky, you are kidding me..))

  2. Only intellectuals (no brains) were allowed to vote.

  3. Hans,
    do you know know why some journalists drive 'big cars'?

    actually I only intended to test the attention of 'insiders' like you are. :)

    No, not. You caught me! Ha. ha ha.

  4. Sean, no I don't know..))
    'He' is btw not a real fan, as you understand what I mean, 'he' is a free lance muslim..))

  5. Hans,
    Mr. Akyol being a 'freelance muslim', would even be worse. :) In this case he were a bloody opportunist who'd do all, as long as he's paid well.

    Will you next time tell he's a freelancer who subordinates his agnosticism to the goal of well paying idiots who want to make people believe they were intelligently designed primates? :))

    Ah, Hans, you call Mr. Akyol a friend, and yes, 'even I might have no trouble to find him a nice guy in case we personally met.

    However, even if he is a wonderful friend, intelligent, humourous, etc. etc. - as long as he is 'campaigning' for Gülen and so-called intelligent design, I won't change my mind.

  6. Sean,
    I am neither a creatonist nor a darwinist. I sometimes believe in the evolution upside down; first the esoteric and astral bodywhich makes the final incarnation possible..))
    Call it; Geisteswissenschaft.
    M.A. is not paid by Gulen. Btw, his father is a senior and prominent columnist of Mlliyet...
    I have a friend and blogger whoms father is a 4 star general. But with both I can have a beer and a good diner..))

  7. Hans,
    I hope ... no: I am quite sure you know that I did not at all intend to offend you.
    Actually, I am absolutely with you. Opinions, convictions may differ, but one should be able to have a beer and a delicious meal together.

    As for Mr. Akyol: Let's for the time being agree to disagree.

    May you and the yours have a lovely Sunday, while nitpicking Sean will retire under the rocks of Seanhenge in order to contemplate about pride and prejudice. :)

  8. Sean,
    I am not that quick offended..))
    Hope you not as well...
    Let Spain beat The Germans tonight.)!!

  9. Ha, Hans,
    a minute ago ended a comment at Jams (The Poor Mouth) as follows:
    'There'd be lots to ask and to tell, but I do have to prepare myself for watching Spain winning.'

    So, let's have a hopefully most entertaining evening, my dear friend.
    Sláinte! :)