Friday, June 27, 2008

Spreading Mr. O'Donnell's delight

Oh dear.

Just in time I remembered that only yesterday I came to learn that long posts put most people off, and hence one should try to keep it to three or four paragraphs, and thus deleted the 69 paragraphs I had composed in order to give you a brief introduction why I'd spread Mr. O'Donnell's delight.

Alright then: Herewith it's done.

Ah, 'or four'. This offers me the opportunity to wish my esteemed readers a most pleasant weekend. :)


  1. Well it doesn't take long to read your posts, Sean but it often takes a lot longer to comprehend.
    Not this one however.

  2. Cherrypie,
    thank you.
    I suppose you know that The Poor Mouth is part of Omnium? :)

    does this mean you'd prefer me writing posts that take long to read and no time to comprehend? :)

  3. Cherrypie,
    of course, not. Everyone and everything is part of Omnium. Even Flann O'Brien.