Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ah, now I start to understand

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Friendly Philosopher.

Where You Lived: Turkey.

How You Died: In Childbirth.

Who Were You In a Past Life?

Hat tip to Jams O'Donnell Esq..
While I do have no doubt that once I was a friendly (!) philosopher living in Turkey (!), it is, of course, nonsense to think Jams once was an insane monk.


  1. I was a mad monk in Morocco! You were right about Spain winning too...

  2. Ha, Jams,
    you were faster than me.
    I had just been adding the hat tip.

    :) '... right about Spain winning too ...'?

    Too? I never said you was a 'mad monk in Morocco. :))))

    Come on, you sane son of Corkadoragha, let's end the day with only one third man: a pint of plain. Sláinte, and the peace of the night.

  3. a 'friendly' philosopher? surely a contradiction in terms ;)

    apparently i was red headed poet who died in battle in the north of africa. i could believe that.

  4. I'd rather be a 'friendly' philosopher or a red headed poet or even an insane monk than an evil mathematician whose head was decapitated - and all in New Zealand forevermore though the second time it was in Chile... hmmm...

  5. In my buzzing past, I was a ditzy beekeeper living in China. Wouldn't you be a bit ding-dong if you were always with bees and totally unable to understand the mandarin spoken around you?

    Of course, I died by decapitation. La guillotine est la mort préférée de la nobless française.

    Now that you told me about my past, what do you see in my future?
    Lifting my glass to your good health. À la vôtre!

  6. i was a gorgous mathematician. i dunno, does that mean i was beautiful? and i was buried alive. well, that fits, i feel like a zombie, most of the times, except the eating brain part.

  7. Chris,
    once we will have a friendly 'battle of words', to be on the safe side not in North Africa, though. I do suggest 'The Black Bull' in Dalmellington. :)

    Lady Janice,
    how horrible. The more glad I am that to make up for all rigour in your past you became a painting poet.
    Btw, could not comment on 'let me frolic'. Made me speechless. :)

    Chère Madame Curieuse,
    what a beesy past, what a noble kind of departure.
    As for your question, hmmm. Prophecy is a difficult thing. Still, I shall hold a sean-ce, and afterwards we shall see. :)

    where did it happen? In New Zealand? In Chile? Did you meet your collegue, Lady Janice?
    The most important question, however: What's the Chinese weighing machine telling you these days? :)

  8. I have been around for a very long time, being reincarnated many times. For each time I have played this game and typed in my occupation, it has given me a different answer.
    My previous lives were much more exciting.

  9. Ardent,
    obviously your past was most exciting. Very interesting that you wouldn't tell details. :)

  10. ah, i was in cyprus. that figures. my grandfather is from cyprus.

    the machine and i are getting along. the real problem is, there is a conspiracy against my efforts to lose some weight. there are always delicious food around me.

  11. Ah, SH, that's very interesting. Does this mean you have been buried alive before your grandfather was born? :)

    Seriously, did your grandfather happen to meet Ardent's father before the latter emigrated? That would be a nice story!

    What you are telling about your struggle with the calories, reminds me of to open questions: Could you fix the 'fishy code' by now, and - did you stop at the florist's to make up for the legendary fish menue? :)

  12. oops, you are good at remembering things sean. and my memory is like a fish memory sometimes. so i have already forgotten about this flower thing. but you i have to thank you for reminding me that i should think of a fancy gift for my wife for our anniversary in less then 20 days.

  13. Hey, you are quick, SH. Hope you will find something lovely for Mrs. SH. By the way, for how many years has she been brightening your life, by now?

  14. well, it has been a little more than 4 years since she is brightening my life, and we spent 3 years of it married.

    how about you sean? are you married? and i really wonder how old you are.

  15. :)
    Alas, as on March 29th I was so careless to post that Jams O'Donnell presently is 1/6 younger than me, my age is no secret, anymore: 54.
    Well, and Mrs J. is bearing me exactly eleven times longer than Mrs. SH (my kind regards to her) is brightening your life. :)

    And now for something completely different: Would you send me an email, so that I can contact you also this way?

    Finally: Great title for your latest story. And the names you chose for the protagonists, ah, they made me chuckle.