Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sudden and unexpected

Tireless and conspiciously, never calling sick, never complaining long hours she'd serve me in two milenniums, reliably and to my full* satisfaction. Only the other day I had told her it would be nice worked she for me until 2066.
Being 113, I'd move then to a dwelling six feet under, and she - having reached the retirement age of 67 could enjoy the evening of her life.
But alas, despite first aid and emergency operation, suddenly and unexpected yesterday night my dear old mouse - I used to call her Whitey - lost her vital functions.

In deep respect I asked her successor to be in black. - I call her Electra.

* not fullest. Fuller than full is not possible, would you agree?


  1. Goodness me Sean, it certainly is time to get a new one and I hope you got a cordless optical or even a laser one. Mine never wear out but I go for the next advance in technology so I have quite the collection of retired mice.

    I'm not falling for that two millenium trick again.

    In this instance full is perfect but there are occasions for fuller and fullest.

  2. jmb,
    conviction, philosophy, quirk? I do just not have the heart to fire ageing stuff, just because they are not working as fast as youngsters. :)

    It's very interesting you write 'there are occasions for fuller and fullest', as I am sure there are none.
    Of course, if you could give any logic example ... :)

    'I am not falling for ...' made me chuckle.

    merhaba, and welcome.
    Still it looks pretty different to those mize our cat would proudly present us for breakfast now and then. :)

  3. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I hope the mouse got a decent burial!

  4. This glass is fuller than that one.

    The dam is the fullest I have seen it in many a year.
    Although it could be more elegant to say more full and most full.

    I think these are legitimate uses of fuller and fullest but I hope I am not leading you astray.

  5. Jams,
    with all tam tam, and Frank Sinatra singing 'I did it my way'. :)

    ah, of course you are right, when in comes to comparing x with y. Sorry. I did not put my question in the bestest - :))) - way. Still, now having seen your examples I am absoluteliest sure both we are entireliest of the samest opinion according the superlative. :)

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  7. Sean, you certainly did it your way. You did not retire the mouse because it may have looked aged. Like a gentleman you respected that it served you well.

    But now that it is gone, we are going for the flashy black model named Electra.:)

    I am sure Electra will no doubt possess streamlined curves, smoother handling and greater speed, therefore providing the owner the fullest (?) satisfaction.

  8. Poor thing must have been worn out ;-)

    Lets hope the new one lives up to expectations.

  9. It's not nice to tease an old lady you know. Luckily I'm a tough old bird.

  10. Ardent,
    you are spoiling me. :)
    My 'Whitey' making its last click, and some hours later I'd present a new mouse. Is this gentleman's like? :)
    And, thinking of Eugene O'Neill's 'Moarning becomes Electra' calling her Electra does not make it better.
    By the way, did you ever hear Chinese mouses being called Whitey and Electra?
    Seriously: I am sure Electra will not be able to serve fuller to my satisfaction than full.

    P.S. I am tending to be a bit silly these days.

    right you are: I do accuse myself of shamelessly exploiting the 'poor thing' and thus being responsible for wearing it out.
    As for the new one: I am sure it will not live up fuller to my expectations than full. :)

    please, please, please, allow me a superlative. You are not a tough, you are the toughest bird I've ever met. :)
    Thanks for all!