Thursday, January 01, 2009

An evil woman - alive and kicking

... or what else ought one to call Zipi Livni, if Israel's foreign ministry is being quoted properly, either in German:
"Es gibt keine humanitäre Krise im Gazastreifen, und deshalb ist eine Waffenpause für Hilfslieferungen nicht notwendig".
and in English:
There is no humanitarian crisis in the [Gaza] Strip, and therefore there is no need for a humanitarian truce."


Asking this question my friend, Tetrapilotomos spake: Personally I have been taught that Israeli politicians would never lie, but I do know someone who would wish the cheerleaders of Hamas rather than seven virgins, a very long life and slowly rotting testicles, and at the same time deeply regret that he can't wish Mrs. Livni the same.


  1. There is no need for a humanitarian truce because Ms Livni does not view Palestinians as Humans.

  2. Waw, how humanity never learns from their mistakes. :(

    The abused child has become an adult now and is abusing his own children... So the cycle continues...

  3. Tzipi Livni cares nothing for the inhabitants of the Gaza ghetto because, as Ardent points out, there's a mindset in israel that views palestinians as the Untermenschen.

    Here's a comment on an article in the Jerusalem Post:

    Bomb them when attacked. Make them sorry. Make them dead. But get rid of the problem of Gaza.

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  5. Ardent,
    quite. Although I did and do try now and then to empathise with people on both sides, I could not but had to come to this impression.

    it's often said history would not repeat itself.
    It does and will do as long as the self-proclaimed 'pride of creation' is neither willing nor able to learn from the past.

    No doubt there are quite a few contemporaries who won't be amused to read this black on white, 'as one can and must not compare the one with the other'.
    I do agree (with you), though.
    Like the thought patterns of the Bushs and Bin Ladens on this planet are slightly identical, the (children of) victims of whomsoever often later would become as evil and merciless as their tormentors.
    After the shortest of all millennial empires and in an era of political correct newspeech, (most of) those who consider themselves as Herrenmenschen / superrace would not use this term, though, like they would not call Untermenschen / subhuman beings, who they consider and treat as Untermenschen / subhuman beings.

  6. Anonymous,
    deleting comments has, fortunately, so far not been part of Omnium. Thus, I hope you are so kind to spare me pushing the very button, and by re-reading within the next one hour what you wrote above come to the conclusion it's wiser to delete what 'slipped' from your keyboard.

    Otherwise I shall have to do it for you.
    The peace of the night.

  7. Ou la la! An evil woman... well, i think many women are evil compared to Helen Suzman.

    But on the other hand: Izkhael haz a khite too defind itsellf... I guess i agree with that. But doesn't it sound a bit hollow, the way they are doing it now? May be Miss Livni will win the elections with her war. But what will she win for Israel, the Palestinians and for peace in this world?

    I wish us all a very happy and peaceful New Year!


  8. Bertus,
    thank you.
    It might sound sarcastic, but yes! I am quite sure almost everyone does hope for happiness and peace.
    The 'evil' is thought to contrast the 'admirable' in the title of the previous post.
    Isn't it interesting? Here a woman of Jewish origin, Helen Suzman, speaking out against apartheid thoughout her life, and there a woman, Tsipi Livi, cynically ignoring 'apartheid'.

    As for your questions: She, the Israelis and their elected government will win the same what others and I prognosticated when the criminals in and around the White House prepared by 'shock and awe' and ignoring the law of nations, to bring 'enduring freedom' to the people of Iraq: hatred.

    A question I do ask myself for at least 36 years: Why would either the people of Israel and the Palestinians - and I am sure the vast majority of both people would love to live in peace - decade for decade vote for / follow the 'same' corrupt, destructive and criminal 'politicians'?
    A kingdom for a proper answer.