Saturday, January 10, 2009

Farts in the wind

It's the fourteenths night the Israeli War Force (IWF; sic!) is 'trying' to create peace.

Much has been written about what according to Mrs. Livni (see previous posts) is no humanitarian crisis.

What happens will be what my friend Giulio Stocchi would call ' A fart in the wind'. No missile will change anything for the better.

And so won't - be sure - much of what you could read on 'the web'.

Short live the stupidity!

Not one of the worst, just a 'tiny' example. A young woman in Turkey - to protect herself I won't set the link -, on the first sight not uneducated, would obviously have no problem at all to write:
I'm sorry to say that but i think Adolf Hitler was not very wrong with his decision about converting them into soap.

(i insist that i'm not nationalist but this is absolutely genocide).
Ladies, gentlemen: And this is one of the nicest of the bad**.

Which is why, after having studied the history and followed for more than 40 years what some people would call 'the conflict', I am tired.

Old German saying: The prudent gives in.

Which is why the idiots reign the world!

Thank you very much.

The peace of the night.

* I did not comment on her site as I have dismissed trying to change any super-intelligent lady's mind.
In case the lady happens to insist on her copyright, I shall, of course, set a link.


  1. i have been hearing about this stupid comment more than i would like to around me. and im just... i dont know, sick of it.

  2. When people have their mind set like that, it is no wonder there are wars and conflicts.

  3. This is exactly what is wrong with the human race!

    STUPIDITY! and perpetual HATE!.... Will humans ever learn????

  4. At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols - Aldous Huxley

  5. What the Israelis are doing is a crime. It's a disgrace and they need to be stopped.
    What the Israelis are doing is an abomination and nobody can deny it, but we don't need those stupid Nazi comments.

    Anybody who can talk about Hitler like this Turkish woman has no understanding of human decency. I was in Auschwitz a month ago and I can tell you it is the place where humanity lost its soul.

    No matter how badly the Israelis behave, we will never again tolerate Nazism. Instead, we must speak out against the murder of the Palestinians.

    Be careful about allowing Nazis to come back.

  6. I shake my hear in despair when I see such vile statements

  7. SH,
    it's sickening, indeed.

    and great is the probability that nothing will change.

    some will, but they won't make a difference.

    I am not sure, though, about the two thirds.

    there are not two opinions between you and me.
    As you mention your visit to Auschwitz: And if it had been just for your post about this 'experience', I am glad that I happened to stumble upon your blog.
    As for your final advice: Looking around I suggest we should even be very careful.

    yes. One could despair.

  8. It's nonsense to blame Israel for everything. All sides in this conflict are to blame, including those of us in the 'West' who merely judge from a distance. The real enemy is war itself. And how shall we defeat it, with more bombs?

    This has made me sick to my stomach.

  9. Chris,
    War is just a three letter word, though, for terror inflicted by (certain) hu(wo)man beings.
    Thus, (certain) human beings are the enemy of peace.
    And this, indeed, makes me sick to the stomach, too.