Sunday, January 11, 2009

The World according to Monsanto

Here's to make all those poor souls happy who are indefatigably monitoring this tiny blog.
To increase their happiness, I do ask my esteemed readers to post this documentary by Marie Monique Robin on their blogs, too, and ask their readers to do the same.

By doing so, you all might
a) not only help saving the jobs of my dear poor watchdoggies, you might even create new jobs, and
b) increase your amount of regular visitors.

It would be also useful to copy each part*, as it has happened in the past that this film miraculously vanished in the orcus of the cyberpace.

* Thanks to C'est la Craic, instead of in ten parts here's the full video.

And now watch, and spread the praise that those altruists deserve.


  1. I seen theoriginal when it aired on Franco-German station ARTE. It is excellent. A real eye-opener to the world of geneticly modified foods.

  2. Here's a link to the full video on google video. If you look at right hand side of the screen, just below comments and above similar videos, you'll see an integrate into website button which will give you the embed code. That should save you some page space. Also the flash player is set to 400 pixels, so it should stay inside your post space.

    I posted it as a comment because I couldn't find a contact mail (in whiwh case I would have mailed the code directly to you). You can delete this comment as soon as you got what you need, and if you got any questions don't hestitate to send me a mail. Keep up the good work.

  3. Craic,
    great. Have many thanks. You surely deserved 'your only man'. :)

    Yes, I watched it on Arte, too.
    The reason I decided to post it, is that the masters of Monsanto obviously are doing their best to prevent as many US-American people as possible from watching this excellent homage to their altruistic work for the benefit of mankind.
    Thanks again for your helpful advice.

  4. Sean, I watched the whole video... Gave me chills...

    We live in a world where the Agriculture/Food, Energy, Weapons, Pharmaceutical industries/cooperations rule the world... They have no nationality, no religion and no boundaries. They can not be sued and prosecuted! Basically, they can do what every they want without any over sight. Scary!

    Regarding the video, nothing we eat is "real" any more. I do not even trust the "organic" industry... In the last decade, kids are physically developing much faster, breast and prostate cancers are at an alarming level and much much more due to "growth hormones" in our food. :( Not to mention how the pharmaceutical companies running a mock in our everyday lives! :(

  5. What is perhaps the scariest is the patenting of certain genes that exist already. THey're trying to copyright nature.
    That's why St. John Wort was made illegal to sell in Ireland, as a patent had already been laid on an almost similar, synthetic gene used in in some prozac-esque calmant. What a bunch of complete bastards

  6. Nevin,
    exactly this is why the person from St. Louis who stayed on this site 1 hour 37 minutes and 51 seconds obviously to learn what he did not knew before will have been sneering after reading your first paragraph.

    La Craic,
    and this is just one example.
    As it would be a step backwards on my quest to become the politest blogger in this cyberspace and all those yet to discover, I do hesitate to call these very ladies and gentlemen a bunch of complete bastards. That is why I am glad you did it for me.

  7. Sean, watched a part of the video, it's so long..((
    Regarding food: I'm strict anthroposof.
    Regarding other subjects: 'one light' can do wonders in a company, goovernment etc.
    History proved it.
    After all, I just discovered that I'm not that pessimistic at all, which makes my day..)

  8. La Craic,
    you're a good soul.

    compared with the 'long arms' of Monsanto the video is extremely short, though. :)
    Regarding other subjects (sic!), I do agree.
    Well, and the dead are not able to disagree, anyway.
    And what did you discover that made your day?

  9. Sean, I watched the video yesterday but did not comment, simply because I cannot verbalize the absolute disgust that I feel for our governments that allow Monsato the freedom to act as they do.

    A leading nutritionist in Australia said:
    '"They're going to control the world. We thought Hitler was a bad fella ... these guys could show him a thing or two - and they're creeping up on us quietly without guns or anything like that, but the poison is there."

    This has been planned for a long time:
    Bertrand Russell in his book titled ‘The impact of science on society’ said:
    “Education should aim at destroying free will, so that after pupils have left school they should be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or asking otherwise than as their school masters should have wished. Diet, injection and injunction will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

    This is what is happening.
    Vaccinations are not there to cure us.
    GM foods are not for the purpose of feeding the population
    Injunction is slowly being implemented.

  10. Sean, discovered that I'm not that pessimisic at all. Although witnessed a lot of misery travelling to and hrough 5 continents..)

  11. Ardent,
    the masters of Monsanto have created a new category of evilness. If I were Sinéad O'Connor, I'd sing: Nothing compares to them.
    The master-plan of Monsanto is - to put it mildly - very probably not to erase famine from this planet.

    optimism is the only 'ism' I like. :)