Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snail's Dream

Had I followed my intention you would now read a short story, afterwards watch a short film and then ...

Anticipating the then :) I decided to not manipulate your thoughts and feelings with my writing, but leave you alone with the film.



  1. I would now like to read your short story :)

  2. Gosh didn't she learn a lesson or two - what a sad show...and yet...if he knew she wasn't buying books for a friend and she still kept coming why didn't he bring his feelings out in the open instead of doing something a gauche young girl would never understand.
    Wonder if he was married...

  3. Janice, Chris,
    sorry for being a replying snail. :)

    :) it would probably have influenced readers' thoughts, and I am / was curious for the reactions.

    Lady Janice,
    interesting. :)
    As for why he wouldn't bring out his feelings frankly: That would have 'killed' the story - hm? :)

    And who knows what happened after the girl's / the snail's dream? ...

  4. Life is so short. Every minute is precious. Without love in one's heart, life is empty, worthless... But people are so afraid to love and be loved, so afraid to offer and be rejected...This happens all the time. One wakes up, and it's too late for the love that could have been. Maybe not too late for the love that could still come... I hope this young girl has another chance.

  5. Claudia,
    three words: Quite!

    Oh well, some more: You put it well. Thanks for your words.

  6. Being reminded of this sad and poignant film by S.E. comment, I shared it on Facebook. For all my young friends who are alone, and afraid to seek love or speak of it with the other young people they meet. Thank you for your post. :)

  7. One could interprete it this way, Ashley, yes. It might, of course – and the title suggests it –, have just been a dream. Sometimes, when it comes to follow their feelings, human beings tend to react/be snailish. :)

    they who would hesitate to show / speak out their feelings, will miss certain essentials.

  8. Oh yes. I had managed to forget the title having watched the film. Were it a dream, it would seem to be a startling fable from the unconscious to warn of being too timid, hm?

    Now I can imagine the awakened snail leaping from her bed, no time to prepare in the way she had dreamt: practicing smiling and speaking infront of her mirror.
    She makes her way quickly, quickly to the book shop, anxious, anxious to see if her dream was a portent.

  9. Ashley,
    late I am with my reply. A snail, so to write.
    I am glad that, after all, I am not the only one who does see the possibility to interpret the film this way. Thank you. :)