Friday, January 30, 2009

Mozart's homage to Erdoğan

As an homage to Taqiyya .... err ... Tayyip Erdoğan, the greatest hero Turkey would ever get, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ("I write as a sow pisses") about 226 years ago composed the Turkish March.

Voilà, Omnium proudly presents a jazzy version with the fantastic Fazil Say.


  1. Fazil Say is a musical genius...
    Wonderful! I wish there was more....

  2. The quickness of those fantastic fingers...delightful.

  3. I'll have to point the old scientist in this direction. I'm sure he'll be shocked but maybe not. What a different interpretation. He certainly had fun with it.

  4. Janice,
    glad you like it.
    Did you ever try to paint such fast? :)

    I am sure, even if he were a purist the old scientist will appreciate Fazil Say's virtuosity.
    Did YOU like it?

  5. Well it was something I recognized immediately but did not settle into enjoying as it seemed a bit off and I kept waiting to see where it would go. I did enjoy very much his enjoyment of playing it. I need to hear it without visuals to really know. I should put it on and go to another window.

  6. Ah, jmb, the better you'll come to know him, the more you'll like him.

  7. Glad you enjoyed, Calum,
    and thus I did not promise too much. Cheers.