Monday, July 27, 2009

Business as usual

Well, as tonight watching a shaking reportage from Ingushetia in which (to my surprise) the President - ha ha ha - of Chechenia, Ramzan Kadyrov (will he sue the reporter? ha ha ha) has been called a butcher, and in which apart of some terrible details and one (of uncounted) atrocious murders I learned that taxi drivers would not go on road without their kalashnikov, I thought how privileged I am that in Seanhenge it means something completely different when talking about business as usual.

Our watch-cat* somewhere in the garden, ...

and on her rocket chair.

* won't tell her name, as it would take too long to explain its origin. :)


  1. Glad to see you back Sean and that your guard cat is ever vigilant!

    I wonder what Kadyrov's idea of a lawsuit is... probably a dozen thugs and a few chainsaws., the scumbag

  2. Thank you for those moments of tranquility at Seanhenge. Very tempting to adopt your cat's wisdom.

    Having read your link with attention, I wonder if the people of Ingushetia will ever be allowed to experience a few hours of peace.

    Shouldn't there be a time for everything under Heaven?

  3. Do tell, I would love to know the explanation of the name :-) x

  4. Jams,
    she's truly a Praetorian cat, isn't she?
    As for Kadyrov. It was the reporter himself who in the off called him butcher; that's why I was surprised.
    Surely the man ought not to visit the Caucasus too soon, again.
    During the four days the team filmed in Ingushetia they saw many Russian soldiers, rolling tanks, and masked heroes with Kalashnikovs asking to show their passports.
    They spoke to a woman. Her son had just been abducted.
    At the end of the film they got a phone call and were asked to visit the woman's house again.
    After torturing and killing him they had thrown her dead son like garbage in front of her house. Horrible.
    The team was told that alone during the four days of their visit 25 young men had been abducted and killed.
    Reporter: And we don't have a reson not to believe this.
    Well, and Prime Minister - ha ha ha - Rashid Gaysanov who since end of June after the failed attempt to assassinate President - ha ha ha - Yevkurov, got all power by grace of Medvedev, what did he say?
    The political situation is absolutely under control. It's calm. Only some bandits cause trouble. Russia is helping, and we have asked Chechenias President Kadyrov to help us (with his know-how).
    Watch out. I'd not be surprise, if Ingushetia would soon make it into the headlines (for one or two days).

    :) yes! Compared with what has been mentioned above, Seanhenge is a place of permanent tranquility.
    As for the cat's wisdom: Hmmm ...
    As for Ingushetia: Pleae look above.

    :) well, you know Moaning Myrtle? In German she's called Maulende Myrthe.
    So, as our cat is extraordinary talky, I suggested to give her this name.
    The female majority found Pauline a bit nicer, which is why I call her Paulende Pyrthe. Well, meanwhile mostly Pyrthe.
    Only if she's becoming a pain in my ear, I might say: Ah, Pyrthe, hör auf zu paulen. :)

  5. I also feel very relaxed and comfortable visiting Seanhenge. Others don't know what they are missing.:)

  6. Hmm sounds like Ingushetia has a similar butcher, only the name differs

  7. Ardent,
    you are welcome. There are still some spots kept free where the Mother of Orchids could grow some splendid specimens. :)

    I had not seen Gaysanov before, and do not know much about him, yet.
    However His outfit, his mimic and his ductus immediately let me think he's somehow a (political) clone of Medvedev. Spooky.
    Don't know if he's a butcher like Kadyrov. Rather I think he's one of those characters who would not feel ashamed to be(come) other masters' puppets, as long as they can enjoy a piece of the power cake.

  8. Pyrthe's first pose where she is lying on her back is just adorable! It is what my cat (Zeytin) does as well... It's a pose of utter contentment...

    That position says... "Life is beautiful" :)

  9. Ah! Thank you :-) I like both the name and the explanation :-)

  10. Nevin,
    so, lucky / content cats they seem to be, your Olive (Zeytin) and our Pyrthe. :)

    you ordered an explanation; and who am I to not obey?
    Glad you enjoyed both ... :)

  11. Back via your linking system to ponder that that cat could have taught me much about how to live my life. A bit to late now, but I can still learn a thing or two. (Being fluffy and cute might help though, which I am not)

    1. Ah, dear Andrew, 'that cat' has got about six times less life experience than you.

      A bit late now, but still, may I, with 47 days delay, offer you an 'o'? :)