Saturday, July 25, 2009

Personal note

Somehow I needed a short hiatus.
The Estemirova murder made me (almost) furious.
And afterwards to post poems or nice garden idylls I thought to be devious.
Neither I have been visiting other bloggers for quite a while.

Good to know you'll forgive me with a lenient smile. :)


  1. always :) You are a beautiful soul....

  2. Sean, thank you.:)
    To see your post, day after day, was the best honour you could render to Natalia Estemirova, and to all the other victims. To read it many times helped our grieving process, and confirmed our determination to keep her name alive, and to seek justice for her murder.

  3. Nevin'cim :)
    you are too kind.

    you will agree that neither you nor I shall change a lot.
    However, it's nice not to be alone.

  4. Sean, good to know..)
    O. 'ordered' me the other day to start writing columns again instead of blogging...maybe I will do...and take a long break.
    But I will not stop visiting certain blogs, you're one the these.)!
    Véale alrededor,

  5. Dear Sean,
    It might be slow, but we will change things. My friends and I believe that to publicize the oppression and murders of human rights activists, to name the victims, to continuously seek justice will increase the number of people aware and angry at such outrageous crimes. Hundreds of letters (more than ever before) were sent to Russia demanding a full and proper investigation for Natalia Estemirova's murder. And it's not finished. We feel that if we awake our leaders and the world's opinion and conscience, the outcry will become louder and more effective. It would then become very difficult for tyranny to triumph.

    Killing is the crime of the oppressors. Silence will not be ours.

    Bon courage, Sean. Et merci de tout coeur pour ton cri de colère.
    Have courage, Sean. And thank you again for your angry scream.

  6. Dear Sean,
    We will never get rid of political killings and other human rights violations. The minimal thing we can do is keeping the flame burning and the maximum is finding a balance. It won't always save the courageous and the victims, but still there are so many people we don't know, who are still active in defending human rights. Both in the rich and comfortable countries where we live, and in other coutries where it is potentially dangerous to open you mouth. They should know people are with them. That is why it is well worth being angry now and then.


  7. CherryPie,
    thanks for your patience. :)

    that's surprising and interesting news.
    Does this mean that, now the Dogan Group has swallowed Turkish Daily News (TDN), you will write for Hürriyet?
    Anyway, I am looking forward to that and ... to still find this and that post on Internation musing. :)
    Whatever you will decide: Good luck, and enjoy, my friend.
    Good to know that you will keep in touch. Thank you, and kind regards to Ozlem.

    thank you.
    As on a lighter said to Jams the other day: A bit of anger not every day keeps the gastric ulcer away.
    Seriously, I think that anger only very seldom is a good advisor.
    Now do I (often) know what would be wiser - alone, I am just a human being containing a considerable part of bicycle.

    As for waking our (?) governments (can't stand the term leaders; we had enough gentlemen who "led" their and other people into miseery and death.): Well, to wake them is one thing, to cause a change for the better, i.e. is another.
    Still, yes - it would be nice ...

    telepathy? :)
    Your thoughts are almost exactly mirroring mine.
    Thank you very much.