Friday, July 17, 2009

Who will be the next?

Wednesday morning:
During my four hours writing, I suddenly think of Anna Mikhalchuk / Anna Alchuck (scroll down til 'In the burning house'). Did any journalist / media investigate her death?
Scribbling her name.


No surprise that when about two hours later I type her name to find that after her death (obviously) she was immediately ... forgotten.

* * *

At the same time a satphone might have rung. Someone in Moscow calling someone in Grosny.

- [...] Officially Dmitry will, of course, condemn this very sad event, Ramzan. However: well done.

- Ha ha, I love your humor, Vladimir. Glad you enjoyed it. We'll have a big party tonight, anyway. [...]

* * *

The laughing idiot (not only in the classical sense) wouldn't - also, of course - not know about the 'u' in humour. In so far he's as intelligent as f.e. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co., and - let's say the criminal Peace-Nobelprize winner Kissinger.

They would never spell humour h-u-m-o-u-r.

As for Putin & Kadyrov.
Kadyrov for Putin is somehow what Margaret Thatcher's "dear friend" Augusto (amongst others) was for (criminals like) Kissinger (scroll to Intervention in Chile / Argentina), Nixon et al - a useful idiot.

* * *

To cut an otherwise long post short:
I am sad. I do feel enraged. And helpless. Could I kill that bastard Kadyrov? Would I do it, if I had the chance?

Hm ...

Is the ruthless criminal Kadyrov - I repeat: the ruthless criminal Kadyrov [a: Come on, sue me, Mr Kadyrov! [Just to make sure: Sue* me, I wrote; I did not ask you (or the "flawless democrat Vladimir Putin" (quoting here a certain Gerhard Schröder); to send one of your assassins ; b) sorry, dear readers, that I would let sink myself on such a low level, but I see no reason to doubt that Mr Kadyrov is what his master Putin (in another context) would call a 'vermin' - and RRP / Russia's real President (sometimes) wouldn't err, hm?]

I do, f.e. remember Vladimir 'Ras' Putin once saying (to alleged Chechen 'terrorists'): 'We shall squelch these animals/critters/vermin'.

* * *

Why would people like Gandhi, King, Dink, Politkovskaya get murdered, and such an evil creature enjoy life?!

:) ... because people like me would not kill the bastards! Helplessness. Bloody helplessness.

Long live the evil! ?

Or, in other words:
Well ... that's politics.

Ha ha ha ... what a post! What a silly post. What a fucking silly post.

A post to honour Natasha (sic) Estemirova.

To honour her with all my heart.

And to type (mind you: not to google): List of murdered Russian journalists.

to be continued ...

The peace of the night.

* :) with thanks to Bertus (see comment section)


  1. sean, this is indeed a sad situation.
    it was all over the int. press...and not one word in TR newspapers..((

  2. I feel your anger on this one, Sean, and I'm very glad I don't live in Russia today (or, to be honest, in any day; it is a hard country). A powerful post...

  3. Would he sew you or would he sue you? (translated into Dutch the first one would be a little piquant).

    Alas Sean, we seem to sacrifice the wrong things to the gods these days, we can only wield our pens.


  4. "Ras" Putin. B.t.w. in Amharic that would mean Sir Putin or Prince Putin....

    Language doesn't always seem to be our best friend..


  5. Sean,
    I knew your post would come. At PenCanada, we're sharing your deep anger and sadness. There are no words to express it but much work to be done. This murder cannot remain unsolved and unpunished.

  6. This was an appalling act which I am sure was sanctioned by Putin or someone close to him. Bastards

  7. Hans,
    there are far more important events Turkish media have to focus on, such as this one.

    thank you.
    There are so many facts and thoughts humming like bees in my head, and I it would have taken too long to put them all in proper words I allowed myself to write what I wrote.
    I do not like when writing in such a manner, on the other hand: The older I get the less time I have to be diplomatic.
    Yes, wWe ought to be glad, indeed, that we are not forced to make our decisions in countries like these.
    Who knows? Not only that - to save my poor little life - I'd probably not have the courage to make head against the evil powers to be; I might even had become the spokesman of these bastards.
    Wooaaah. Yes, we ought to be very glad ...

    ha! The English language is obviously not my best friend. :)
    This will immediately be corrected. By no means, I'd like to be sewed ... be it a Ras, a Bei, a Tzsar or just a ruthless criminal bastard.
    Does the pen wield power?

    you knew? :)
    Yes, there is much to be done. Unfortunately, though, this murder - like uncounted others - can remain unpunished.
    The pen is no bullet.

    bastards is polite a word, when talking about those ... bastards.

  8. Sean, a friend of mine went to the trial (still lingers on after 2 1/2 year) and she was embarrased. It's a show process..(((

  9. Today's papers have Kadyrov looking to sue ocer statements that he is a murderer.

    If so then it would be a refreshing chance for having someone's head blown off (if they're lucky!. Perhaps Shyster, Flywheel and Shsuter... err I mean Schillings could do his reputation management...

  10. Please, Sean:

    Don't ever change your spontaneous way of writing, even if a mistake (or two) might slip into it...even if your presentation has not the order you would wish...even if it's not diplomatic...

    Your protest is eloquent because it comes from an angry's sparked by's invaded by sadness. And powerlessness, against a senseless murder, rages inside your soul.

    How can you control the fury of your stumbling words when you're witnessing such a brazen act of violence?

    I hope that your fiery voice is loudly heard in many places, and ignites a call for justice in the international community, alas! always too silent, too disciplined, too under control to register a protest of any value.

    Keep screaming and howling, Sean. As it comes...In any language...In any manner...Pain, for this sort of death, has only one rule. Not to bury Natasha Estemirova, and the other martyrs, into oblivion.

    Thank you for this post. Also from my friends.

  11. Hans,
    your friend's embarrassment speaks for her.
    Yes, this process like many others , is a farce. Sometimes - or should I write often justice is just a seven letter word.

    surely Mr Arse(nal) Usmanov is willing to commend Schilling ... to a brother in spirit.

    what shall I say? Your encouraging words are exactly what I need these days.
    Thank you.

  12. Well wielding a pen isn't usually the same as wielding power. On the other hand, if we didn't write about this, if we didn't discuss this, we would be silent and i think that's worse.

    That's why it is good you are so angry from time to time.


  13. Great post. "Because people like me would not murder them". Quite so. But I'd prefer a world full of people like you!

  14. Thank you for this powerful post Sean. It really makes one think.

    Politics and Organized Religions are two facets of organized crime working together hand in glove to exert control over people.

    Anna was an extremely intelligent woman but she was very naive to point the finger at one religious institution which then treated her Jewish. Knowing the Culture she lived in perhaps her Art Exhibition should have condemned all Religions instead of focusing on the Russian Orthodox religion. I suppose it is easy to make this comment in retrospect.

    It is all about money and control, and people die if you stand up against their ability to make money. Not just in Russia, but all over the world.

    All I can say in regards to those guilty of Anna’s murder is ‘... You gutless, dumb, f#@*ing bastards!!!!’

  15. Bertus,
    you are very kind. Thank you.
    And you are right.
    As Brecht put it:
    They will not say
    those were dark times, but
    Why were the poets silent?

    I, for myself, have decided to speak out.
    :) Well, and it's said that from time to time letting off steam (not every day) keeps the stomach ulcer away.

    well, your could read what I thought about the quality of this very post.
    The more glad I am that you read between the lines.
    Thank you very much.

    Focusing on but one dot:
    You mention Anna Alchuck's naivity. - From all reactions on the murder of Natasha Estemirova the worst I read was a comment the author of which focused on Anna Politkovskaya who had (en passant) been mentioned in the post (cutting it short):
    - She was obsessive / mad
    - She wanted to nail Putin. In that she had the backing of certain warlords etc. etc.

    Of course (!), one can become mad when emphatically listening to hundreds/thousands of witnesses/victims.
    Of course (!), one has to be(come) obsessive, when determined to publish what these witnesses/victims are telling, fully knowing that the masterminds responsible for (almost) all atrocities would wish you did not exist (!).

    What did I learn from such comments?
    Anna Alchuck, Anna Politkovskaya, Natasha Estemirova et al. are responsible for their death.

    Does anyone wonder why those I call bastards (think they can) reign the(ir) world?

  16. Sean - Thank you again for speaking the truth with so much eloquence and courage. Sadly you're so right. When I asked the person (who denigrated Anna Politkovskaya in a post's comment) for some links proving his vile accusations, I got no answer. We are still fuming at PenCanada, and keeping our ears and eyes opened for other foul attacks on those heroic women.

    With tears, we also ask with you: who will be the next to be silenced?

  17. Claudia,
    the point is that some bloggers would be hastening from blog to blog, leaving their comments and ... not return.

    Such commenters do not wish to discuss.

    [For first time readers]
    Visiting other sites, once when intriguated, I do take time to read and to understand as my Engish is slightly limitated.
    When / if - I am lazy :) - leaving a comment I'd always return to see if there was a response.
    May be, that makes a difference.]

  18. Sean, Organized criminals (... certain governments and religious institutions) are not particularly bothered by individual protest or discontent. They only become alarmed if the protester has an audience and that audience hears and understands what is being said and takes note. Then that person providing enlightenment becomes a target.

    Anna was an extremely brave woman. Not many would take that risk.

    I am in awe of their honesty and bravery.

  19. Ardent,
    They only become alarmed if the protester has an audience and that audience hears and understands what is being said and takes note..

    And if I am not too lazy, tomorrow (or so) I'll give an example.