Saturday, July 04, 2009

Even more busy ...

As there's daylight until about 10 p.m., we spend most evenings in the garden. It's berry-time.

After the strawberries,

the black - and ...

red currants and ...

... the morello cherries asked to get picked;

potatos, paprika & peas, beans & borage,
mbers and courgettes / zucchini,
kohlrabi & carrots etc. ask(ed) to be freed of weed;
bougainvillea and gentian to repotting them,
the mead
ows to be mowed, some flowers and bushes
to get planted; and - as it has not been raining
for about ten days, all
they are thirsty,
as are

the dear deads on the cemetary. :)

So, after showering and having a little snack, mostly I feel too lazy to do anything else - except after about 30 years re-reading one or two chapters in the Book of Changes / I Ching.

All this just to tell why these days I am even more busy with not blogging than usual, but that it's not impossible this will change.

Although, ...

by looking at our cherries, I suppose ...


  1. Just looking at those berries makes my mouth water.

  2. Thank you, Sean. :)
    It is such a delectable offering, and the garden looks so promising. I'm a bit envious. Yet, I can assure you that I see the amount of work it must involve. If your readers were next door, they would all jump in and help with 'la cueillette'. But then you might have very little left for jams, pies and juices....:)

    Since I saw your cherries, I keep singing "Le temps des Cerises." I wish I knew how to link you to Nana Mouskouri and Charles Aznavour on YouTube. It's such an enchanting song. Let me give you the first 'couplet' which I (poorly) translated:

    Quand nous en serons au temps des cerises,
    les gais rossignols et merles moqueurs
    seront tous en fête.
    Les belles auront la folie en tête
    et les amoureux, du soleil au coeur.
    Quand nous chanterons le temps des cerises,
    sifflera bien mieux le merle moqueur.

    When we'll be at the time of cherries,
    gay nightingales and mocking blackbirds
    will all celebrate.
    Pretty girls will have folly in their heads,
    and lovers, sunshine in their hearts.
    When we will sing of the time of cherries,
    the mocking blackbird will whistle better.

  3. CherryPie,
    come quick and - pick ... :)

    as for what you presume: Very probably not.
    Example [Asking / Offering people]:
    - You'd like to have some cherries?
    - Oh, yes, wonderful.
    - Well, just feel free to pick some.
    - Picking cherries? Ah, no.

    To cut it short: If I'd pick them, and deliver a bucket of cherries in front of people's door it would be most welcome. Otherwise: No. Rather people would pay 4,90 Euro per kilogramme. :)
    Ha ha ha, .... if it would not be so sad.
    As for the song: Thanks a lot - it's fitting whilst picking. :)