Friday, November 13, 2009

Still no divorce filed

What's new?

Well, first of all: It's Friday the 13th of November 2009, thus exactly 209 years and eight months after their wedding, and still the great grandparents of my grandfather have not filed for divorce.

See? There does really exist no reason for paraskavedekatriaphobia,
at all!

Secondly: I wanted to spend the weekend in

Mrs. J. would rather have picknicked on top of

Compromise: We shall spend the weekend in and around


Alright, perhaps the name is a bit short. I shall ponder ...


  1. Such long time devotion is truly admirable!

    I beg you not to add more syllables to Seanhenge.:)
    If you do, I would have a problem visiting. Just reading your holiday choices made me very nervous. You see, I suffer from: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

    No cure, alas!

  2. Hengeofseanofomniumfame, perhaps? And consider a glass raised to your honourable ancestors!

  3. Claudia,
    isn't it?

    As for your request: We shall see. Up til now I could only think of lenthening it by 95 characters. Not enough to get an entry in the Guinness Book.

    I see you chose the common misspelling of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. :)

    Now, that's a proposal! Thank you.
    Of course, modesty would not allow me even to think of implementing the four letter word you kindly put to the end.

    And now for something completely different. While last night preparing this post I wondered: When D.E. would already find the tiny word paraskavedekatriaphobia a "scary one and a half mouthful", how scary will he find that tiny hill's name?" :)

    Anyway, a joyous Friday the 13th to you and the yours, my friend.

  4. An excellent compromise Sean. Yiou really could do with Seanbury, and seangrange to go with Seanhenge!

    And another glass here to your ancestors!

  5. Congratulations to your great-grandparents in their long and fruitful marriage!

    If I may ask, where is Seanhenge located? It looks like an interesting vacations spot.

  6. :) Knowing your legendary chilvary and kindness, I'm surprised that you noticed a lady's French voice stumbling on an extra p...after having lifted her glass, many times, to celebrate your magnificent ancestors.

    95 characters would drive me over the edge! Is there an abyss on your land? :)

  7. And I'm pondering when you will visit us in Istanbul.)!

  8. Ha, Jams,
    splendid idea!! From now on, until they will bury Sean, I shall that very part of Senhenge which happens to have roof upon, Seangrange.
    Like Newgrange we do even have a roof box.
    Unlike Newgrange the chamber of Seangrange is illuminated not only for about 17 minutes by the winter solstice sunrise, but all year ... when the sun shines.

    welcome to Omnium. I'll forward your congratulations to the merry couple as soon as I happen to meet them.

    As for your question: This most idyllic vacation spot lies a couple of miles westwards from Stonehenge - in Germany.
    As for Jekl's Hydeout: Your blog-name let the corners of my mouth start an expedition to my earl-lobes.
    Well, sometimes I'd call the very part of mine who is not as nice as the other generally is, my inner Hyde.
    Don't worry though: He is domesticated, and only sometimes I'd let him out. Even then - at least up til now - he's under control, though.

    ha ha ha, this made my evening!

    As for your question: No, there is no abyss on Seanhenge. It's chthonic. :)

    as according to the Maya calendar there will be no next Friday 13th in 2015, we should meet before December 2012.

  9. Well, ogogogoch i'd say.

    B.t.w. are you sure about Seanhenge? It looks as if it needs some restoration...


  10. Bertus,
    The monument gets completely removed every two weeks after the mowing, and a new one build at another location - around the apple tree, the plum - , the cherry -, the haselnut tree, the rowan etc.; and each monument would be designed in a completely different way. Sometimes you could even see an ensemble of dolmen and menhirs.

    As for virgin sacrifices: I passed the question you did not ask to Mrs. Jeating. Her response: "You'd never be such cruel, Sean. You are a harmless loony."