Saturday, November 07, 2009

Summer leaves

Some might say: Bravo Sean, who would have thought that when winter is in the air summer leaves?
Well ... :) ... this does not lack of logic.


  1. Your magnificent photos evoke well the sad end of summer. They remind me of Paul Verlaine, "Chanson d'automne":

    Les sanglots longs
    Des violons
    De l'automne
    Blessent mon coeur
    D'une langueur

    The poet says: 'The long sobs of the autumn's violons wound my heart with a monotonous languor.'

  2. Summer leave(s?;

    Caret initio et fine:

    It lacks beginning and no end.)!

  3. Great photos, Sean. I thought of them as I ambled up the lane beside our house this afternoon, while musing that, while summer has its beauty, nothing beats the clear cold light one gets in winter, and the sunsets on a good day are truly magical! Hurrah for November (as long as there's a heated house to return to!)

  4. Summer leaves as autumn arrives with her beatiful colours.

    Then they fade into winter...

  5. Beautiful pix, Sean - definitely mellow, if far from fruitful.

  6. It took me right to the end to get this. I was thinking you had taken leave of your senses. A little slow today.

  7. A lovely series, Sean! I strolled happily up and down the set quite a few times. I mean scrolled.

  8. Claudia,
    bonjour tristesse! :)
    Nah, let's always look on the bright side of summer's end.

    it lacks end, hm? :)

    ah, what a compliment! Thank you.
    And indeed: winter has its magic moments. If only I think of that there's (almost) nothing to do in the garden. :)

    I see a certain lady sitting with friends around a table and playing board games. :)

    welcome to Omnium, and thank you. Glad your eyes liked what they saw.

    ha ha ha, you might not be far from the truth. Seems to have been a great birthday-party, Mylady, hm? :)
    Enjoy your new camera.

    ha ha, who knows? One (autumn) day we might be strolling together along the Valley Lane.

  9. Definitely a case of Summer leaves when winter beckons!

  10. Nothwistanding what you and most people say, I do find that autumn is tinged with sadness. Please, allow me une larme, ou deux for your beautiful adieu to summer.

  11. Jams,
    not only is it good to see you back; obviously no grain of your astuteness got lost. :)
    Hope you have fully recovered.

    regard those of us who officially praise of autumn and winter as whistlers in the gloom. :)