Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday VIII

Again I do hope you will enjoy; and again I do ask you not to be as lazy as (mostly) I am. If you like what you read, leave a comment.
Not here. On the very blogger's site I am linking to.

I am quite sure they will appreciate your comments.
After all, (interesting) comments are the salt in the soup of any article, hm? :)

So, let's begin with my favourite:

Cause and effect

All you need is Awe and Humility - Finding the Right Attitude towards Life's Marvels

Why everyone must move to Finland, or not.

A little man against torture and torturers.

Interview with Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas:


  1. Thank you, Sean. As always, this is a very interesting choice of articles. You have a knack for discovering, and offering unusual posts. I will probably comment. But as I cannot use salt anymore, I'll pepper my thoughts. Hope it will be acceptable...

    All the best.:)

  2. Claudia, Jams,
    glad I was able not to contribute to any boredom. :)
    Peppered comments are a fine thing, Claudia. ... Now and then ... :)

  3. Thanks for the link to my "Cause and Effect" post, which I found out about because it led Claudia to my blog, which has led me back to yours, which will lead me inwards to explore your previous and future posts and onwards to who knows where? This chain of events called life is frantic, scary, but can be fun...

  4. I come to think of it, I believe I have been here before (to your blog, not life)

  5. Ah, Andrew,
    you are very welcome!
    Actually, I could hardly decide which of your posts that I have been reading so far, I should choose. Seems there ought a few Wordy Wednesdays more to come. :)