Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday is Skyday


  1. I like this one alot. The composition, the colours, the twiggy stuff, the beautiful moon.

  2. Makes me feel like buying a better camera...

    One of your best

  3. CherryPie,
    you are, of course, too young, to remember 'The Blue Moons'? :)

    I am glad I took notice of this constellation; 30 minutes later Miss Moon had disappeared.

    nature offers itself. All we have to do is opening our eyes (and minds); and sometimes ... sometimes of us will get the feeling of having been at the right place at the right time.


    ... only Monsieur Quicoq, my friend. Only Monsieur Quicoq (Werhahn). And that's very long a story ... :)

    except of three or four occasions I have not let myself being accompanied by a photographer. A third person – even the best photographer – would always disturb.
    In other words: I am but a writer; i.e. a person that writes.
    The more I do feel flattered by your com(pli)ment. Thank you.
    Be sure, your 'pics' ... ah! ... not to exaggerate: quite a few of your pics taken with your mobile, are just as good as if they had been taken with one of the best cameras.
    Regards to Rocinante. :)