Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just a thought

In case I am not to wake up tomorrow,
I shall not complain,
let alone regret.


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  3. I deleted my silly comment. I think I will stop making silly comments, here, there and everywhere. Take care Sean.

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  5. 'Just a thought' you say.

    It's so ambiguous, what you say next, Sean.

    I do very much hope it does not mean that you care not whether you live or die. I care and clearly I'm not alone in that.

    Or does it mean you feel satisfied with the life you have lived and feel replete?

    Or do you mean simply that you are tired and wouldn't mind sleeping through a whole day to awake the following day.

    Or are you joking? For were you to sleep without end or to die, you surely would not be able to complain nor rejoice about anything.

    Sean, please speak to us and let us know how you are.

    Your friend, Ashley

  6. Yes we would miss you :-)

    and I hope you are well?