Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peace to the Hovels

Death to the Palaces!

The hereinafter named Georg Büchner, a medical student from Darmstadt, has absented himself from the Judicial Enquiry into his alleged participation in treasonable activities by leaving the Fatherland.
The authorities, both at home and abroad, are hereby requested to arrest this man on sight and to deliver him safely to the office below.
Darmstadt 13 June 1835.
High Court Judge of the Archduchy of Hesse, appointed Judge of the Upper Hesse Court of Enquiry.

Age: 21
Height: 6 shoes 9 thumbs (new Hessian measure)
Hair: Fair
Forehead: Prominent and rounded
Eyes: Grey
Nose: Large
Mouth: Small
Beard: Fair
Chin: Rounded
Face: Oval
Colouring: Fresh
Figure: Powerful, slender
Special Peculiarities: Shortsighted

Georg Büchner (October 17th, 1813 – February 19 th, 1837)

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