Friday, August 03, 2012

Calling myself an Aesthete

Mostly, faded puppies do not look very attractive. 
Certain aesthetes amongst gardeners would, therefore,
pull them out ...
... and probably not come to know ...
... that slowly rotting poppy-leaves are a delicacy for hoverflies.
Anyway, in Seanhenge the elegant bees :) are welcome.


  1. "Faded puppies"? We call them dogs. "Puppy leaves"? Hmmm... Young doggy ears?

    Faded poppies and poppy leaves, now these are different matters :)

    One letter can change a cuddly animal into a pretty flower.

  2. It was fun to learn about hoverflies. Also to find out that I'm not the only one who would mistake them for bees! I love the delicate wings and the stripes on the body. That's why I call them 'elegant'. It's so good of you to provide them with proper nourishment. Of course, in return, they thank you by killing the "bad flies". I never cease to wonder!

    Great posts!

  3. mow you've got me wondering if there are opium puppies out there somewhere, woofing and yelping manically...

  4. "now", I mean. Damn typos eh?

  5. I love watching the bees and hoverflies in the garden. There's also something attractive about faded flowers. I like the architectural look that poppies give after flowering

  6. Claude,
    thank you!
    More often than for bees, hoverflies are being mistaken for wasps, which is worse, because ignorants would kill them.
    I am glad there are each year more hoverflies enjoying life in Seanhenge.

    aren't we privileged, my friend?

  7. CherryPie,
    hoverflies will be delighted to read this. :)

    Dear Andrew,
    I do not know what exactly it was that the programmers of's spam filtre smoked; maybe, they had roasted opium puppies for lunch?
    Anyway, they managed to let your comments completely vanish for about 36 hours. Only tonight I found them in the spam-box.
    Welcome back. :)