Friday, August 17, 2012

Scrap dealer's passing

Lucrative job in a throwaway society.
Three scrap dealers each Saturday
are passing the village at walking pace.
One of them twice a week.
The petrol price? Peanuts. Obviously.


  1. That stuff looks quite good. In my youth, family (uncles and aunts) kept loads of old things in their attics. It was fascinating to rummage in there. My first bookcase (at 10) came from one of those places. Just a few shelves an uncle had nailed together to organise the place. He gave it to me. I painted it myself. I was very proud to have a bookcase. I also found old illustrated books ( my aunt's school prizes). She let me have them. I was the only girl, in the family, who wanted a bookcase and books.

  2. That is the point, Claude. While – in the pre-throwaway-society – our uncles and aunts used to keep loads of old things, nowadays most people are glad to get rid of what, after a couple of years, they think is nothing but rubbish.