Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday is Skyday


  1. Fluffy! Very similar to mine, today.

  2. I find myself looking up at the sky a lot these days. Soothing for me no matter what it's doing.

    Hmm, it's getting harder to prove one's not a robot!

  3. Did the spam thing gobble up my comment again?

  4. Claude,
    I am glad you can, after all, still see some clouds, as I learned about Toronto's 'manhattisation', today.
    So, Canada does not need the U.S.A, eh? Canadians are able to create a housing bubble of their own, aren't they?
    Is it possible that Harperism is just another word for extraordinary stupidity?

    to start with the end: The 'spam thing' did, indeed, gobble up your comment(s).
    I did get them via e-email, though, and thus could 'convince' blogger that these 'spams' were none.
    As for the God of small things (borrowing from Arundhati Roy here): s/he is to be found in the sky, in the wings of a fly, and sometimes even in a yellow rose.