Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Homage to Sir Chris Hoy

As I did not yet have the pleasure to portrait Sir Chris Hoy
this is my way of bowing not only to a 'Flying Scotsman'
but to a great sportsman.


  1. The greatest olympic cyclist ever... for the time being.

    I hope you enjoyed the Omnium events too

  2. It was a great achievement and cycling is the most gentlemanly of sports.

  3. Are the woman cyclists "gentlemanly" CherryPie? Ms Addlington and Ms Trott?

    I need your advice on etiquette before I get an unladylike slap

  4. Maybe the correct word is honorable?

    The players (in this case cyclists) don't want to win at all odds. They want a fair competition.

    The tacks on the road in the Tour de France incident expresses what I mean.

  5. Hmm. My doubting mind remembers the continuing serious of doping scandals in top level cycling. The winner of the Olympics road race has served a ban for doping. He should not have been in the race, in my opinion. An honourable victory?