Friday, September 27, 2013

Damson and no Selilah

Lots of damsons* this year.
Here but a few I picked yesterday
to cook them four hours
and in between bake a cake

and finally get six glasses of damson butter.

* Before anyone asks: What are damsons?

Plums they are both. Actually the plum-family is quite big. For example, the mirabelle is also a member. :)
As for the difference:
The damson is the more juicy sister of the plum. :)
Plums are almost round and bigger; and their flesh tends to be reddish;
damsons are oval, and their flesh is yellow. 


  1. Our damsons are done but I did get to cook quite a few (with snacking between). I prefer them to most other plums these days - except for the lovely and soft dark pluots which sometimes appear.

    1. Uii, thank you for that. I had to look up 'pluots' and can't remember I ever saw or tasted one.
      Are you 'growing' your own damsons, Susan? Or do you buy them on your market?

  2. Replies
    1. Not really.
      I was just picking. Mrs. J. did the "rest". :)

  3. I love that image of the damsons on the stairs.