Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday is Skyday

Less than three hours sleep
caring 24/7,
no chance to escape.

So I drove quickly
– steeling time for morning walk –
to enjoy silence;
taking some photos,
– first river mist behind me –
then back I hastened.


  1. It's easy to see the peace and tranquility are in your heart, even if not necessarily at your fingertips every minute.

  2. These images are lovely, Sean. I particularly like the middle one with the grasses in the foreground coupled with that wide sky in the background.

    1. Five minutes of peace to live on the rest of the day. We do 'particulately' like the same same photo. :)

  3. Those skies are so uplifting! And also your caring...Much love, dear Sean! :)

    1. Sometimes I do need an uplifting, be it a beautiful sky, be it some kind words. :)
      Thank you, my dear.
      Be sure, though, that sometimes I am innerly swearing, 'cause more than half a decade caring was not part of my agenda.
      I do hope that when the day comes I shall still be able to do and achieve this and that, to let some dreams come true . . . and enjoy all this.

  4. Quite a bit late due to me being away from home and the computer...

    But my thoughts are with you and your caring. It is necessary to take some time away for yourself and the beauties of nature can be quite refreshing.

    1. Thank you, CherrPie. Reflecting on a recent mockery of mine I am coming to think that caring can be a kind of pilgrimage. :)