Sunday, September 08, 2013

Molly Bloom's 110th 33rd

I'd not easily offer links thrice. However, exceptions exist to be made. And today there is a good reason to make one.

It's Mrs. Bloom's 143th birthday, thus she's now 105 years older than her husband uses to be since June 16th, 1904.

'Uses to be'? Well, in a most vivid dialogue I had the pleasure to witness some time ago, Mr. Bloom vehemently insisted on still being 38. Being asked to give evidence he said: 'cause June 16th 1904 I became immortal.

Thus, de facto the eternal Mrs. Bloom today is celebrating her 110th 33rd.

Happy birthday then, Lady Molly, and may I say: You're looking younger than ever. Younger than ever. :)

Here's to enjoyce, as thus spake Molly:



  1. Hopefully our old friend Jams is celebrating with them.

  2. Yes Susan, very certainly our dear Jams is walking into Éternité with Joyce, and his people.