Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bookworm's Delight

This was the beginning, ...
... and thus it ended:
My family knows to silence me. :)


  1. The ratio of Irish whiskey to words may not be quite right.

  2. Books are always a delight. Especially the ones that feed our curiosity in our field of enjoyment :-)

  3. Except for the Irish booze, that's all I would ever want for Christmas, and other celebrations. Alas! As I'm getting older, and older, and older, people seem to think that I need more and more knitted warm socks and nicely crocheted shoulder scarves. And would you believe that I even received a fine bottle of French Brandy, with an helpful book of Hot Toddy Recipes. That wasn't to satisfy my reading needs but more to drown the stubborn cough which keeps me awake at all hours. Here's hoping it will work.

    Enjoy your youth, dear friend. I had my hour of glory!

    1. Nothing against knitted warm socks, but when imagining the books in the photo above being eleven pairs of socks, not the finest French Brandy could make up for my disappointment and grumpiness, and a torrent of tears would roll down the writer's cheeks.
      May the Brandy cure your stubborn cough, Claude, while I shall enjoy me ... youth.