Thursday, August 13, 2020


Render unto wasp
the things that are wasp's.


  1. In my Margaret's case her arm... She got a bad sting yesterday, it being the unprovoked attack season; in my case at the same time last year, my neck while out at sea half-way to Barra on a Calmac ferry. That particular wasp was probably annoyed and bemused having wandered on board while in dock. Wasps in August do remind me somewhat of boozed up young Brit males in Magaluf with arms working violently but brains disengaged (although not this year). I do prefer the wasps.

    1. In Seanhenge wasps so far at times are a nuisance but not aggressive. Perhaps their job is not been done. It's not end of August, yet. ...
      I do feel with that wasp finding itself "trapped" on the ferry with you. It might have thought "What the neck, is this?!"
      I won't start talking about what I think of any contemporaries spending their holiday to get permanently drunk.