Saturday, August 01, 2020

Saturday Night Music – Alice Sara Ott

Alice Sara Ott *1 August 1988


  1. Ach… 48 minutes of wonder that reminded me that life is worth living, and then, as I listened, it broke my heart when I explored and read of her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, then I read her quote: "Sometimes life leads you on an unexpected path, and I am at the very beginning of this new one for me. However I strongly believe it is up to us to make the best," which all put certain difficulties of the moment into sharp perspective. Wonderful music and musicality in this complicated life. I will remember it when I wake, I hope, after a peaceful night, I hope. A peaceful morning for us all would be nice too. Thanks for the music.

    1. Sometimes someone with but one sentence is able to let us feel, reflect and think and – as you write – put certain difficulties [...] into [...] perspective.
      I hope you woke after a peaceful night into a peaceful day, dear Andrew.

    2. Actually I awakened deeply disturbed, then endured that troublesome half-dreaming-half-awake intermingled world of nonsense for quite some time; until rising, still troubled, but things improved through the day, as they generally do, until, again, it is time to say goodnight and hope for a less troubled morning. I have been like this since a youngster, intermittently. I think too much.

    3. How cometh your last sentence would sound familiar to me?
      Too many windmills on this planet, eh? ;-)
      Re the concert: For me the No 3 with Friedrich Gulda was the No 1. Now I am not too sure. But probably one ought not to always compare.
      It's a wonderful concert, anyway. A gift. The joy of music. Like you I am thankful.

  2. Thank you for the magnificent music.
    So grateful for YouTube now that live concerts are presently cancelled. Except on a one to one basis.
    Thank you also to both for the thought provoking comments.