Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday is Skyday

For a moment I intended
to turn it 180°.


  1. Huge thanks to you and to Andrew for this spectacular sky. I am a big, big fan of skyscapes.

    1. Ah,dear Sue – may I say so? – thank you, and welcome to Omnium.
      In case you come back to read this, by clicking "older post" you will get to see the photo that Andrew was so kind to recommend.
      And if you click on the label "Friday is Skyday" there might wait an "El Dorado" of skyscapes for you.

    2. It was actually the Thursday one, below, I was referring to Sue; although this one is great too.

    3. Ha, I wrote that reply above before seeing Sean had already directed you to the Thursday August 20th one; but if clicking on "Friday is Skyday" link be warned that on April 10th you will need to first skim past the close up of Sean's perhaps not so beautiful bare feet before reaching the sky :)

    4. Ha ha, instead of "Friday is Skyday" the title should have been "Beware of the feet".