Sunday, January 03, 2021

Beers & Books XLI

Frans Masereel (31 July 1889 – 3 January 1972) 


  1. My Covid-19 has made all beer (and less importantly all food) taste horrible - extremely bitter and metallic. The lovely frothy glass reminds e of the love that has departed me. I am hoping for a reconciliation soon. Food that tasted better than pure vinegar mixed with rusty iron would be nice too.

  2. ..."m" arriving (saying "sorry, I was delayed")

    1. Yep, and here ten thousands of "Covidiots" are driving hundreds of kilometres to "snowy hotspots" in order to defend their freedom. All restaurants closed? So what? And thus they are shitting in the snow.
      Friend, may the ageusia flee you soon.
      The late arrival of the "m" herewith is forgiven.

    2. Technically, and unfortunately, it is not ageusia that I have, for I can still taste, and only taste, a horrible powerful metallic bitterness. Full ageusia would be preferable; but in case I am sounding like a smart-ass, I will admit that I had to look up ageusia to discover what it means.

    3. Ah, and told me that "Verlust des Geschmackssinns" means ageusia.
      Thus, next attempt: Feck off, powerful metallic bitterness!
      P.S. You are not sounding like a smart-ass.
      Your are one.

    4. Indeed I am. It is sometimes not easy being so smart :)

    5. ...but I only reveal it for the entertainment of Mark (oh, and I will patronisingly forgive the unwanted "r" that you sent). I wish you a night flooded in peacefulness, not tortured by thoughts of trying to bridge the chasms between Germanish, English and, most complicated of all, Scottishness.

    6. Spent a night flooded in peacefulness, thanks, went on reading "The Wind in the Willows", afterwards showed granddaughter who is the master of tiddledywinks, took a long nap, watched a fine Scotland feature, drank two pints of Guinness, wrote a few lines, and now are again ready for another excursion to the land of the dreamers.
      The peace of the night.
      P.S. Could not find any "r" unwanted sent. Where is it to be found?

  3. Your say "Your are one" when you presumably mean "You are one".

    Have a peaceful night dreaming of uses for your r's

  4. Tu es vraiment trop savant, Edouard! ;) Mais nous te pardonnons!
    De tout coeur...